Tree planting in Rhode Island and its community relationship.

Updated: Jan 28

The Rhode Island state has three distinct life zones: sand plains, up hills and highlands. The common trees are the tulip tree, the pine and the oak, and the red cedar. Totowa are abundant in swampy areas, and 40 types of ferns and 30 species of orchids are indigenous to the state.

Within these plant species, at least 60 different species of trees grow: we have, pines, tulip trees, ash trees, American walnuts, elms, maples, willows, cottonwoods, Atlantic white cedars, birches and sugar maples, within the most abundant species. About 58% of the territory of Rhode Island is covered by forests and green areas.

In the state of Rhode Island there is a growing movement that revolves around the beneficial and connected relationships between nature, green zones, social environments and social processes in small and large communities. This movement argues that the natural environment in green areas with good, large and healthy trees should be specified as a critical component of personal and community well-being and a stimulus for collaborative action.

In addition, it is necessary to undertake a regional campaign in all Rhode Island counties to educate and raise awareness among people to participate in the process of creating and maintaining landscapes, caring for park trees to preserve lush forests that increase interaction and strengthen the capacity of the community, which would support the development of both the community and the state.

Planting trees and other civic environmental projects can be used to promote more healthy environments with vegetation and a healthy social structure even in the most deteriorated neighborhoods. Participatory environmental projects are strong tools for the development of the community, the work of arborists, tree services companies and tree council orgs, in addition to urban foresters can play an important role in the community process

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